Not pictured: The rest of the world we had to fly over

We have arrived!  The trip was long, but mercifully easy and uneventful.  My notoriously bad travel luck didn’t raise its ugly head, for once.

The direct flight we took from Atlanta to Johannesburg is apparently the second longest flight in the world.  Luckily for us, we had strong tail winds in our favor and arrived after only 14 hours. Which is still twice as long as any flight should be.  Still, the journey was not quite as bad as I had imagined, thanks in large part to the miracles of Ambien, complementary beverages, and on-flight entertainment.  That, and Spencer generously sharing his shoulder with me for 7 hours at a time.

The one truly unpleasant moment of the flight was when the woman in the seat behind decided to change her baby’s nasty diaper, leaving everyone in the cabin holding their breaths for the last hour of the flight.  We distracted ourselves from the stench by looking out over the vast orange plains of Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa as we approached our destination, imagining the adventures to be had!

After landing, we wound our way through a disorderly customs (welcome to Africa!) and collected our bags and rental car.  Spencer bravely faced left-side driving in the dark and got us to the quaint AirBnB where we will be spending the next few weeks.  We are 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard time now, so Jet-lag had us sleeping pretty quickly.  However, in the middle of the night we were introduced to Johannesburg’s famous summer lighting storms.  We woke up to torrential rains and the most powerfully explosive thunder and lightening that either of us have ever heard.

The next week is going to be spent getting our bearings, buying a car, registering for school, and finding a place to live.  Plus, of course, discovering all that Johannesburg has to offer!

3 thoughts on “ATL-JNB

  1. Welcome to South Africa! And even more so, welcome to Johannesburg! And what an absolutely epic way to be welcomed with the Thunderstorm, there are many more where that came from. I look forward to reading about your journey and stay here! 🙂

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