Urban Safari


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Maboneng, with the Ponte Tower in the distance.

Spencer’s parents and sister are visiting, so we are trying to show them as much of Joburg as we possibly can in a few days. In doing so, we discovered just how eclectic and diverse this place is. It was, as my Father-in-law described it, an urban adventure.

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International Rugby – Springboks vs. Ireland

Ellis Park Stadium

The South African International Rugby Team, known  as the Springboks or simply ‘The Bokke’, recently took on Ireland on a crisp winter evening in Johannesburg.  Ireland’s top international squad is currently on a three-week, three-city tour of the country to face the Springboks, and South Africa will travel to Great Britain later this year to face the rest of the UK.  The first test of three took place last weekend in Cape Town, where Ireland edged out South Africa 26-20.  Little did Cici and I know, our first experience with International Rugby would result in one of the most exciting comebacks I’ve witnessed in all of sport.

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Our yard in winter.

Winter has officially arrived in Johannesburg. The sun still comes out most days, but at night the temperature drops down to below 40 F. So, while the rest of our family and friends are celebrating the early days of summer, we are huddled up in sweatpants and going through an alarming amount of gas to run our small space heater.

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The South West Africa Campaign: WWI in Namibia

Aus is a small, dusty village along the unending stretch of desert road that links Lüderitz to the rest of the country. There is not much to Aus, save for a white-washed German church, a gas station, a railway stop and a school. But it turns out this sleepy town played an important role in a forgotten chapter of the First World War.

The town of Aus

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Namibia: Part One

Southern Namibia is home to the most desolate, dramatic, and stunning landscapes I have ever seen. It is a land of contrasts, where German influences blend with African culture, where the desert collides with the sea. As we travelled around the country, it truly felt as though we had reached a hidden corner of the earth, or had landed on a different planet altogether. I could not get enough of this surreal place.

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