Savannah, GA

Hurricane Matthew has left a trail of destruction from Haiti up the southeastern seaboard of the United States. Savannah, GA, where my family lives, took a significant battering on Saturday, but I am grateful to say that they are all safe and their homes are all relatively unscathed. Many of their neighbors cannot say the same, and many people are still dealing with the aftermath of the destruction.

Partly because I am so thankful that the storm was not worse than it was, and partly because I am just homesick for my adopted hometown, I want to share with y’all some of my favorite things about the captivating city of Savannah.


I could  wander the squares of Savannah admiring the architecture for hours. I love the rows of elegant homes presiding over statley squares and the gorgeous, columnaded plantation homes. I love the old warehouses along the waterfront and dominating churches. I especially adore the awe-inspiring Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in which Spencer and I got married.

I am also fascinated by the history of Savannah. I love that it was America’s first planned city, that it was founded for working class Englishmen; where rum, lawyers and slavery were all banned, at least initially, and religious freedom was embraced.

img_0346I love how the architecture, history and natural features combine to give Savannah a mysterious feel. The eery draping moss and the old victorian homes lend themselves to ghost stories, as do forboding yet regal rows of gravestones that fill the hallowed and forboding cemeteries.

IMG_1071.jpgThe spirit and culture of Savannah are what really make it great. This is a city that clings to its heritage and takes every opportunity to celebrate it, that radiates southern hospitality. It somehow manages to embody the gentle southern charm, edgy arts and cultural center, and raucus student town all at the same time.


Low Country Boil. Photo credit: Paul Camp

Oh, and the food! The low country produces some of the best cousine in the entirety of the United States. From barbeque to biscuits to the king of all meals, theLow Country Boil – it’s all amazing. And there are few greater pleasures than candy-store hopping to taste all the praline samples, “just to see which is best.”


IMG_1072.jpgI could go on and on about the many other things I love about this city (the proximity to the beach! the friendly people! the weather!), but suffice to say I am very happy that the wrath of Hurricane Matthew spared not only my family but also the charming and eternal city of Savannah.



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