Cape Town Highlights

Tomorrow, we fly to Australia! Before we embark on our next, great adventure, I still have a few highlights from our trip to Cape Town to share.We spent our first two days in Cape Town being total tourists, hitting up as many museums as we could and just exploring the city streets. The best part of Cape Town was just being able to walk. We spent some part of each day wandering somewhat aimlessly throughout the city, which is a freedom we have missed in Joburg.img_7481We started our touring at the Castle of Good Hope, a star-shaped military fortification built in 1666. It is an impressive building with a fascinating history, but unfortunately when we visited it was under a lot of maintenance and most of the exhibits were empty or closed.

img_7351The Slave Lodge was a more somber visit, but the exhibits (all about the history of slaves and their descendants in South Africa) were well-done and interesting. The building was built to hold slaves owned by Cape Town’s founders, the Dutch East India Company. Later the building was turned into a house of parliament and later the Cape Supreme Court. That contradiction of going to slave lodge to court struck me as fascinating.img_2991A favorite stop on our city walk was the area of Bo-Kaap. The neighborhood, formerly known as the Malay quarter, is the cultural home of the Cape Malay culture. Cape Malays are the descendants of slaves and other immigrants who came to South Africa from southeast Asia, bringing with them the Muslim religion and creating a unique blend of Asian, European, and African cultures and ethnicities. Along with excellent food, Bo-Kaap is known for it brightly colored houses, which create a clean and cheery atmosphere.

Speaking of food, we ate (and drank) very well in Cape Town. We had our anniversary dinner at a cozy little restaurant called “The Dining Room,” we stuffed our faces at the weekend Neighborhoods Market, and I practiced my African dancing while eating pan-African dishes at Gold. We also visited every brewery in a 10-mile radius, but I think that is a post for another day.img_7482Of course, after all of our city exploring, we had to end the trip at the beach. A morning spent soaking up the sun on Clifton beach, with cliff-side mansions to our back and the sparkling Atlantic spreading out before us, was the perfect way to end our city vacation.

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