Back to Nature: Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens

No matter how you slice it, Johannesburg is a big, sprawling city. And as much as we like it here, sometimes we just want to get out of the concrete jungle and amongst real nature. There are a few great parks near us, like the Emmerantia Dam and the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, or the grassy Delta park where we went on a 5k Park Run this weekend. But still, I was anxious to get outside to enjoy the spring weather, so on Sunday we packed a picnic and drove 45 minutes out of town to the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens.
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Our yard in winter.

Winter has officially arrived in Johannesburg. The sun still comes out most days, but at night the temperature drops down to below 40 F. So, while the rest of our family and friends are celebrating the early days of summer, we are huddled up in sweatpants and going through an alarming amount of gas to run our small space heater.

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Wild Coast


The beach is my happy place.  The sun on my skin, the smell and sound of the ocean, and the relaxed pace of life are some of my favorite things.  I could spend days doing nothing but laying on the sand with a good book in hand.  Spencer much prefers more active pursuits when on holiday, such as hiking and swimming.  As we discovered this week, the little-known Wild Coast of South Africa had everything we could both want out of a vacation.

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We are currently backpacking up the Wild Coast, along the Indian Ocean.  It’s beautiful, pristine, and if I ever decide to come back to real life I promise to write all about it here.  Hold tight.

Road Trip

Cici and I are spending the night near the Swaziland border and have plenty of new stories to share.  Cici tried to drive, we prepared our first braii, Spencer nerded out on some geology, and we spent the night with monkeys and emus.  Hold tight and we’ll tell you all about it.

An intrepid photojournalist in action.