UPDATE: 1052 Things to Do Before I Die


Back in February, I posted about my goal of seeing as many UNESCO World Heritage sites as possible. Since then, we have managed to visit 14 sites, across five countries. We still have two more to see here in South Africa, plus at least four more countries to visit before we leave, to try and make a dent in the 937 sites left to see.

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1,031 Things To Do Before I Die


A couple of years back, I set myself the goal to visit 40 countries by the age of 30. I am already at 35, and thanks to this yearlong adventure I am on, I think I will hit 40 within the year. So, that means I am going to need a new goal!

Now that I have dedicated myself to a year of travel, simply racking up countries no longer seems like challenge enough, nor is it quite in the spirit of truly experiencing the world. Counting that I’ve been to Mexico, when I’ve really only spent a few days in Tijuana kind of feels like cheating. I want to challenge myself to see and experience the most beautiful, most impactful, and most culturally important sites of this great planet.

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