What to do in Joburg with Small Children

One of the best things about being an aunt (and presumably a parent, too) is that it gives you an excuse to indulge in all the kiddy things that adults on their own don’t usually find themselves doing. When my two-year old nephew was here last week, we got to swing on swings, ride on a see-saws, and do all kinds of other fun stuff that we hadn’t done in years.


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Pilanesberg National Park

If South Africa is known for only one thing, it is the incredible wildlife that roam its lands. Yet in the four months since Spencer and I moved here, we had yet to spot much more than lizards and house pets in the city. So with the arrival of my sister and nephew, it was time to head into the bush.

A handsome waterbuck.

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Toddlers on a Plane

Sorry for the brief hiatus. Spencer and I have been bunkered down for the last week working hard, and haven’t done anything worth sharing. At the same time, my sister Rebecca was gearing up to make a 15 hour transatlantic flight with her two year-old son. She is very brave. They both arrived last night, tired but happy. Here is her own wise advice for surviving such a ordeal with sanity intact.


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